Leave them trees alone!

We were very happy about the positive feedback we received from you at the beginning of last year concerning our forest conservation project. And that is why we would like to do just the same thing this winter:

Also in 2023, 10% of the revenue generated by orders you place with Schleicher Sprachservice in January will be going towards the forest conservation project we carry out with Wohlleben’s Forest Academy.

This means that also these trees will be able to continue growing for the next 50 years and play their part in protecting the climate without any humans interfering with the process. With a bit of luck, we will even get a parcel of forest that is right next to our other one.

So, set aside all of the orders you want to place with us in December until January and, at the same time, pull all your February orders forward and place them in January. The date on which you place the order is the decisive factor – 31 January still counts!

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