Interpreting at
court proceedings

What is so special about interpreting at court proceedings?

First of all, the setting is very particular – not so much linguistically, but psychologically. That is because certain situations require not only the necessary feel for the language and knowledge of the relevant legal terminology, but also a certain sense of finesse which interpreters learn step by step by doing the job regularly.

Court building B in Frankfurt am Main
Court building A in Frankfurt am Main

State courts

The sworn translators of Schleicher Sprachservice interpret most often in the following situations:

  • Criminal proceedings
  • Civil proceedings
  • Family court
  • Labour court
As we have been working for the courts in Germany for over 25 years, we know them like the back of our hands. You can count on the professional interpreters of Schleicher Sprachservice. Because we know exactly what it comes down to when interpreting for judicial authorities.

Criminal proceedings

Criminal proceedings call for nerves of steel from all parties involved and a certain sense of tact and finesse from the interpreters. The sworn interpreters at Schleicher Sprachservice will ensure that every little nuance is fully understood by its recipients – no matter whether that is part of the judge’s bench or lawyers who are representing the interests of their clients.

Courts and public prosecutors

Don’t let a court proceeding collapse because of linguistic problems. From our office in Frankfurt, we can reach the entire Rhine-Main area in a short time – and with low travel expenses. 


In criminal cases, it is important to not simply convey words. The experienced court interpreters at Schleicher Sprachservice will make sure communication with your client is seamless.

Let us know if you require a sworn interpreter.

Civil proceedings

You are in the middle of lengthy civil proceedings and want to make sure the German-speaking representative of your subsidiary in Frankfurt understands everything? With the sworn interpreters of Schleicher Sprachservice, you will have nothing to worry about. We have experience in court matters and know which solution will be best for you. Sometimes, whisper interpreting is the way to go, in others, our tour guide system will come in handy, with which up to 5 people can listen in.


No matter whether a foreign witness is to testify in your court proceedings or you need someone to whisper what is going on in the courtroom into the ears of the head of the legal department of your Frankfurt office – we will help you with competence and speed. 

Family court

Reiner Schleicher is a regular at the courts of law

Courts and court offices

Family law is full of surprises. Therefore, you should make sure you are on the safe side linguistically. The sworn translators of Schleicher Sprachservice  know the ins and outs of family court proceedings and will keep their cool even in the most heated cases. From our office in Frankfurt, we can reach the entire Rhine-Main area easily.


Leave nothing to chance in international family court matters. Frankfurt’s best sworn interpreters learned their trade from scratch and know how to handle difficult situations – no matter whether you need an interpreter for a face-to-face meeting with your client in your offices or someone to make sure what you say at court is fully understood by all.

Expert witnesses

When preparing expert opinions for family law cases, it is particularly import that the persons concerned are able to express themselves without any restrictions. This often calls for using one’s native language. With the sworn interpreters of Schleicher Sprachservice, you can be sure your communication will be seamless. From our office in Frankfurt, our interpreters can reach the entire Rhine-Main area as well as parts of Bavaria, Baden-Württemberg and Rhineland-Palatinate.

Labour courts

Courts and Service units

When it comes to employment disputes, things often get heated. With the sworn interpreters of Schleicher Sprachservice, you can be sure that your proceedings will go smoothly – from a language standpoint, of course.

From our office in Frankfurt am Main, we can reach the entire Rhine-Main area quicly and at low costs.


It often makes sense to have a sworn interpeter at your side if your client does not speak English well enough. After all, labour law disputes are often complicated matters that frequently have a personal component involved.

The official interpreters of Schleicher Sprachservice are happy to make sure you are understood.

Contact us when you need a qualified interpreter.

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