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When do I need an apostille for a translation?

If you want to use a certified translation prepared in Germany in a foreign country, it may be necessary to have an apostille attached to it. However, there is one requirement – the destination country must be part of the Hague Convention. Apostilles are issued by the regional court with which the certifying translator is registered. This process can take up to two weeks. 

This is where apostilles are obtained in Frankfurt

Apostille – Good to know

An apostille is supposed to make international use of official documents easy. According to the Hague Convention for the exemption of foreign official documents from legalisation of 5 October 1961 – of which many countries are now members – it is enough for most countries to acquire an apostille. This way, you are spared the more complicated legalisation, which often entails having to go to the consulate or another foreign representation office and costs time and money.


If you want to use a certified translation made by Schleicher Sprachservice in a foreign country, you can make sure it will be accepted with an apostille. The apostille may only be acquired by or on behalf of the authorised translator who prepared the translation itself. This is usually done at the regional court which authorised the translator to create certified translations. Apostilles are subject to charges and it can take a while until it is ready. Please keep this in mind and plan with the additional time.

Is an apostille always enough?

If the country for which you need the certified translation is not a member of the Hague Convention, a legalisation may be necessary. This process takes even more time than obtaining an apostille and also comes with higher charges. Legalisations are usually obtained from the regional court and require an authentication by the respective body of foreign representation. If in doubt, just ask us! We know what to do.

We will help you figure out whether you need an apostille or legalisation for your translation.

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