And nothing will happen for another 50 years.

As we do every year, we at Schleicher Sprachservice are donating 10% of our January revenue for a good cause. Just as last year, our January donation is going to the forest conservation project by Wohlleben’s Forest Academy.

For this, we have once again made a one-off payment to lease a plot of forest land. In return, the owner of the land will refrain from taking any wood out of it for the next 50 years. The plot of land is directly adjacent to the plot we protected with our donation from last year. Now, not a single tree will be felled across the entire protected area for half a century. That way, the ecosystem will have a good chance to fully regenerate. This is not only vital for the climate, but also plays an important role in the protection of endangered species.

With your order in January, you played a vital part in helping the Schleicher forest grow even larger. And for that, we would like to say: Thank you! If you want to see where exactly the plot of forest is, go to

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