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How we calculate our prices

Our prices depend on many different factors. Therefore, there is no easy answer when it comes to the cost of a translation or an interpreting job. However, we are always happy to make you an offer once you have sent us whatever needs translating or give us the details of the interpreting job. Our offers are binding – you don’t need to be afraid of any extra costs.

How much does a translation cost?

Our prices for translations depend on certain factors:

We need to see the text in order to make a binding statement. The easiest way is if you just send us your text that needs translating and state your desired delivery time via email. We will then get in touch with you shortly and clarify all the details.

How much does interpreting cost?

The prices for interpreting also depend on multiple factors. Therefore, we usually will make you an individual offer. But some things may be nice to know anyway:

As interpreters, we have to find the right term in the foreign language pretty much instantly. That can only be done if we are well-prepared for the topic. One feature of the interpreter’s job is that said preparation time is included in the fee for interpreting. This is only not the case when the topic is very complicated and requires extensive research.

According to various studies, interpreting simultaneously is one of the most demanding activities you can do. The mental stress level is – depending on which study you consult – comparable to that of a surgeon, air traffic controller, or pilot of a supersonic aircraft. That is why it is important to regularly take breaks, which means that you usually need two interpreters per booth – unless your speech really is only 30 minutes long.

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