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There are many matters that need to be certified by a notary: real estate transactions, powers of attorney, adoptions, and so on. Things can get a bit tricky if the ordeal is international. If one of the parties does not speak German sufficiently well, every notary in Germany will insist on having a sworn interpreter present for the certification. Come and get professional support you can rely on – from Schleicher Sprachservice.

The right terminology is essential at notarial certifications

In which situations do I need an interpreter when at the notary's?

There are various situations in which sworn interpreters come into play at the notary’s. This is necessary when one of the parties does not speak German well enough. The matters that most often require an interpreter are:

This list of examples is not complete, there are other matters in which we interpreters are necessary. A sworn interpreter may also be necessary for the certification of powers of representation or other legal declarations. We will be happy to be at your side should you require professional interpreting at any sort of notarial certification!

Also adoptions sometimes require an interpreter


Especially for international adoptions it is vital that all parties concerned can communicate with each other without problems. Much of this is done on paper, but sometimes it is best to do things face-to-face. If, for example, the surrogate mother of an intended parenthood does not speak German, it is necessary for a sworn interpreter to be present at the notarial certification of the acknowledgement of paternity and declaration of custody.


Does that sound complicated? It isn’t – if you are working together with Schleicher Sprachservice. Because we make sure that language does not become a problem. Call us or send us an email.

Real estate transactions

When is an interpreter necessary during real estate transactions?

If one of the parties to the purchase agreement does not speak German well enough, the notary certifying the real estate transaction will request that a sworn interpreter be present. As a rule, you yourself will have to hire said interpreter. 

People who have bought a house or apartment know that property purchase agreements are full of specialist terminology that not everyone can understand. Therefore, it is even more important that the interpreter present is a professional. Don’t leave anything up to chance: Schleicher Sprachservice is specialised in legal terminology and will ensure that complicated matters will be interpreted completely and without mistakes.

If you are financing your real estate purchase with a bank credit, you will also need to order a land charge. Land charges also must be certified by a notary. In this case, the notary may also request for the presence of a sworn interpreter.



And because the third is the charm: your financing bank may insist on having your loan agreement translated by a certified translator. Some banks will require for you to come into the bank with an interpreter. Others will be satisfied if your interpreter or translator translates the text in your presence and gives you a written confirmation that they did so correctly and completely.

German notaries are mandated to require the presence of sworn interpreters

Contact us if you are buying real estate.
We will take care of the linguistics!

Powers of attorney and living wills

Nobody likes delving into the matter of getting old and its accompanying risks. And once you have finally plucked up the courage and are ready to go to a notary to give someone you trust a power of attorney, you may forget the linguistic side.

Both the principal and the authorised person must speak sufficient German. Otherwise, the notary is mandated to insist on having a sworn interpreter at the notarisation.

In such a case, it is important that the hired interpreter knows all the necessary legal terminology and concepts. If not, misunderstandings may happen. It is also prudent to have an interpreter at your side already at the preliminary discussion for the power of attorney or patient decree. Another way to make sure everything is understood is by having the documents translated in written form by an authorised translator. Schleicher Sprachservice is happy to take care of all of this for you.

You should have a professional interpreter at your side for any and all of your notarisations.

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