Sworn interpreters

What does "sworn interpreter" even mean?

A sworn interpreter, sometimes also called sworn-in interpreter or authorised interpreter (in German vereidigter/beeidigter/öffentlich bestellter Dolmetscher) is an interpreter who has sworn an oath before the Regional Court relevant to their place of work and thefore who fulfils a certain set of requirements.


To be sworn in, an interpreter must prove their professional qualification as well as their personal suitability. This can be done by studying translation and interpreting at a university, for example. After being sworn in, a sworn interpreter will receive an interpreter’s identification card from the relevant Regional Court.

This is what Reiner Schleicher's interpreter's identification card looks like after 15 years...
As a sworn interpreter, Reiner Schleicher is often at court

When do I need a sworn interpreter?

In practice, sworn interpreters are most of all necessary before courts and notaries. However, it is true that you are always on the safe side with a sworn interpreter because they have proven their professional qualification and had it certified by the relevant authorities.

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