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There are many differences between German and American law. Especially the way in which court proceedings are carried out in the United States differs greatly from how things are done in Continental Europe. One major difference is the deposition. In US court proceedings, lawyers of the parties concerned may question witnesses in pre-trial proceedings. Depositions may be carried out in the United States or abroad, which is why we often interpret for depositions in both Europe and the USA.

Interpreting at Depositions

Depositions are held in English. As a rule, it is always a good idea to have a competent interpreter at your side, even if the witness may be pretty good at understanding and speaking English. 

Generally, depositions often take quite a long time and deal with complicated and very specific issues. If not all participants are English native speakers, it is therefore much easier for all when a professional interpreter is present. That way, all parties concerned can rely on everything being understood by all.

Depositions require precise and competent interpreters

Our deposition interpreters will be right where you need them, no matter whether that's Frankfurt or Washington.

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