Maybe you still remember – in the past two years, Schleicher Sprachservice’s January donations have gone to a forest conservation project protecting beech forests. Due to a very lively interest in donating for the project, the entire forest area available for it is now completely protected.

However, there are still the “young savages”. These are oaks that – in primeval forest terms – are still quite green behind the ears at 120 years of age, but nevertheless have great potential.

This preserve is also in the Eifel region and is managed by Wohlleben’s Forest Academy. Schleicher Sprachservice will once again with its January donation lease a plot of forest area for 50 years, giving the oak forest a chance to develop naturally and undisturbed.

Just as every year, 10% of our January revenue will be going to the project. We will give you more information once we know how large our plot of forest will be.

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