Dolce far niente – doing nothing can be wonderful.

This January, we at Schleicher Sprachservice donated 10% of our revenue to a forest conservation project. We will be leasing a piece of woodland for fifty years and the owner will in return commit to leaving the forest in peace and not removing any wood from it.

This does not mean that the forest is simply left to its own devices – the pros at Wohlleben’s Forest Academy make sure that the leased woodland can regenerate, grow and thrive naturally. After all, only 0.18% of the German forest area consists of beech forests that are at least 180 years old – Germany used to be full of beeches.

Our forest conservation project aims towards increasing that number. After all, forests that are allowed to grow naturally are one of the most important defences against climate change.

If you would like to know more about the Schleicher Sprachservice Forest, head over to https://www.wohllebens-waldakademie.de/forest-partner/10eac3c2.

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