Transcreations are translations with an added value, namely SEO optimisation. Transcreation
is a two-step process. First, a text is translated from one language to another.
Then, it is prepared in such a way that search engines find it on the net
optimally. The goal is to achieve a high ranking in the search results.


While preparing transcreative translations, it is imperative to not use CAT tools –
the translator should not be supported by translation software, because the
result always has to be unique content in order for it to be relevant. If one
were to use translations done by an electronic translation software or to use
text segments that one already has in their own translation memory, many search
engines would recognise them and rank the text accordingly lower. 


This inevitably means that the price for a transcreation is higher than that of a
translation, because one cannot use CAT tools and must create unique content
that meets certain requirements. 



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